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Wellness Tip of the Month

HALT: Focus on Wellness Habits 

The holidays and winter season can be a source of stress for families, peer support workers and people in recovery and/or people still finding their recovery path.   Far too many families may be grieving the loss of a family member, while others may be experiencing the stress and anxiety of trying to help someone who is caught up in the thick of their addiction. 

The holiday may bring about triggers for all.  2020 has been an extremely challenging given the series of traumatic events so many communities have and are experiencing.  

What a better time than ever to focus on wellness habits as we approach the holiday and changes in weather and routines during the winter.  

It is well known that a key for individual and family recovery is education, planning and support. Consider empowering yourself about what you can do to be well during these challenging times by reviewing these resources and a wellness planning tool. You can use these tools yourself or plan together with your family member or with a peer supporter or counselor.

A simple yet powerful mantra associated with wellness habits that has worked for many for decades is the acronym HALT!  Keep HALT in mind as you consider what wellness habits to prioritize.  

  • Hungry. Make it a point to eat regular meals.  Nourish your body and mind with good food and good thoughts.  Fill yourself with uplifting affirmations and supportive people who fuel your positive qualities and fulfill your basic needs. 
  • Angry. To avoid feeling angry or irritable, remember to build in short activities that help you relieve your stress even if just for a few moments.  Get outside if you can in fresh air or away from your stressor physically or emotionally to regain new perspective. 
  • Lonely. Create a list of supporters you can call text, zoom or facetime, or even write and mail a handwritten note.  
  • Tired. The holiday season is busy or can be stressful for so many reasons which can be draining. Be sure to keep you regular sleep wake time if you can.   Be sure to pause and take time to go outside or sit quietly unplug and rest a very short intervals during the day.  Even a few short moments resting your eyes and slowing your mind can be helpful.  


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