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NeuroPharmacoGenetics Lab


Our laboratory is interested in the genetic basis of complex brain disorders, including genetic predisposition for alcoholism, drug use, and other compulsive behaviors, as well as molecular mechanisms underlying such neuro-sensory processes as neuropathic pain, analgesia, and diabetic neuropathy.

Research Aim(s)

  • Genetic predisposition to alcoholism, drug abuse, and other compulsive behaviors in human
  • Genetic factors influencing alcohol drinking in rodent models
  • Behavioral patterns of alcohol preference and social environment in rodent models
  • Molecular mechanisms of neuro-sensory processes, including pain, stress, and analgesia 

Active Research Projects

  • Rodent models of alcohol drinking, and influence by social environment and gender
  • Human genetic variations that impact alcohol drinking, drug use, and other compulsive behaviors
  • Brain-expressed genes associated with alcohol preference and relapse
  • Physiological analysis of spinal cord neuro-sensory systems in nerve pain
  • Rodent models of analgesia with genetic and pharmacological therapeutics
  • Cell and rodent models to identify protein networks underlying nerve pain and alcoholism
  • Rodent models to identify potential drugs for treating nerve pain and alcoholism
  • Computational analysis of genetic impact in longitudinal alcoholism studies
  • Genetic and computational analysis of diabetic neuropathy and inflammation-mediated chronic pain


Core Faculty:
Lei Yu, PhD
Arthur Tomie, PhD
Juliana Irizarry
Ritu Vadodaria
Vijaya Madhuri Achanta
Aadi Amin
Akhila Manthena
Anuja Bahulekar
Michael Chiang
Minjie Bao
Susan Czekay
Usman Toor
Ananya Jain
Ananya Girish
Aneesha Doshi
Anika Patel
Gauri Misra
Haider Salam
Jessica Lisowski
Maria Girgis
Ria Medasani
Sandra Guirguis
Sarah Goldshteyn
Usman Zareef
Jillian Rivera
Justine Soltys
Kathryn Chan