Sensation and Emotion Lab

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The Sensation and Emotion lab originated in collaboration with the Colgate-Palmolive Company to elucidate processes by which individuals respond to sensory stimuli using a comprehensive assessment approach, including both biological and psychological indices of emotion and stress. Young and healthy individuals participated in a series of related experiments in which they first were assessed at rest, without any external stimulation, and then exposed to lotion-like sensates varying in both type and dosage, along with different types of fragrances. In addition to biological indices of stress, we assessed self-reported emotion regulation strategies, anxious and depressed moods, and alcohol and drug use. Currently, we are analyzing data to examine whether complex associations among emotional states and traits, coping strategies, and alcohol and drug use can be linked using physiological indices.

Active Research Projects: 
  • Is marijuana use related to greater or lower resting HRV and reactive HRV among healthy young individuals?
  • What is the role of alcohol use in the relationship between HRV and marijuana use? 
Core Faculty: Eun-Young Mun, PhD
Patricia Buckendahl, PhD
Bronya Vaschillo, MD
Evgeny G. Vaschillo, PhD
Postdoctoral Associates: Anne E. Ray, PhD
Graduate Students: Eric Garfinkle, JD